by Christopher Paolini

Eldest is the second book in a series in which a teenage farmer named Eragon finds a dragon egg. He then raises the young dragon and becomes a legendary dragon rider. Eragon is sent to the elven city of Ellesmira to train. He experiences many difficulties and hardships during his stay in Ellesmira. Eregon's cousin, Roran, is in his hometown of Carvahall when the Raz'ac bring a large group of soldiers to find Roran. Roran and the villagers fight back, but they are eventually forced to flee Carvahall in pursuit of safety. They sail to Surda to escape the Raz'ac. Eragon and Roran meet in Surda during a war with Galbatorix's army. They eventually cause Galbatorix to momentarily retreat. 

I liked this book because of its thrilling adventure, action-packed scenes, and humorous moments. I would definitely recommend this book to someone interested in a fiction novel.

Nathan, 13


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