by Christopher Paolini

Eragon coverEragon, a teenager in his prime, finds his peaceful life as a farmer boy being ripped apart as he discovers a valuable--and rare--dragon egg. Going headfirst into danger, against the government itself, he becomes a Dragon Rider and sets off to find a place of belonging, across the desert and into a land of the unknown. 

I liked this book! Eragon wasn't a perfect person and was sometimes reckless and annoying, but he was charismatic in his own way as he grew throughout each obstacle in the story. The only flaw I see in the book is that most of the plot and "world" is taken from Star Wars and the Lord of the Rings.

I would recommend this book to anyone grades 6 and up. Paolini's books are long, but if you can read Harry Potter or are at a higher reading level, you will enjoy Eragon.

Erica, 16


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