Eve & Adam

by Michael Grant & Katherine Applegate

Eve & AdamAfter Evening Spiker's leg was torn off in a car accident - and subsequently re-attached - she's been bored out of her mind while recovering at her family's high-tech pharmaceutical company. To ease her boredom, Evening's mother assigns her the task of designing the perfect boy, using a simulator the company made. But "Adam" isn't just a simple computer simulation, especially when he comes to life. Suddenly, questions about the company's shady background, and even about Evening herself come to light in this thrilling YA novel.

Eve & Adam is very engaging, with many thrilling chase scenes that make it impossible to put down. The main characters are likable enough, though a bit two-dimensional. My only complaint is that the plot was a bit far-fetched, and the background and setting weren't completely solid. There are a few real-life connections, like Apple Inc., and the band, The Pixies, but it still felt as if the book was set in the future.

I think that many people would enjoy Eve & Adam. The book itself is barely 300 pages, and anyone who likes reading romance with a dash of sci-fi would love it.

Kristine, 15


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