Escondido Writers Group Annual Writing Competition

The Escondido Writer’s Group Writing Competition is an annual event that highlights the intellectual and creative accomplishments of writers in San Diego county. It allows writers to submit either fiction or non-fiction works to a panel of judges who are published authors. The contest is open to anyone ages 12 and above. Entries must be typed and can be submitted electronically or at the Escondido Public Library’s Information Desk. Winning prizes and certificates will be given to the top three winners. Entries will stand on their own merits and judges will not give special consideration to youth entries.

Escondido Writers Group meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the Library Board Room and on Zoom. Tanya Ross who is an award-winning author is also the group’s facilitator.

3rd Annual Writing Competition

3rd competition was held in June 2021.


1st Place: Free Fall by Wanda McLaughlin

2nd Place: Hole in Cactus by Jessica Petrencsik

3rd Place: The Colors of Change by Eva Redding


Honorable Mentions

Ludwig’s Revenge by Robert Kirschenbaum

Spying by Janelle Amer

From the Appliance Blog by Tim Miller



Glae Thien

Cornelia Feye

Jill Hall

2nd Annual Writing Competition

2nd competition was held in April 2020.


1st Place: The Rescue by Tanya Ross

2nd Place: Memory’s Noise by Kristin Chemistruk

3rd Place: Death Comes With No Instructions by Janelle Amer


Honorable Mentions

Reduce to Essentials by Alex Wehrung

1st Annual Writing Competition

1st competition was held in April 2017.


Fiction winner: Carrie by Jennifer Alice Gray (short story)

Nonfiction winner: Why, Mars? by Woodrow "Woody" Wilson (Article)