by Ray Bradbury

Established in a dystopian society, books are outlawed and "firemen" are used to burn and eliminate these books in fear of knowledge and power among people. However, one fireman named Guy Montag uncovers the secrets of society's past and the origin of these book burnings which causes him to go deeper into the history of his society. As Montag discovers more and more secrets, he finds himself more in danger of losing his family, friendship, and his identity.

Fahrenheit 451 is a classic book that I believe everyone should read, because it signifies why reading is so important and it gives us this vision of what the future may be like if technology takes over our society and our world.

I would totally recommend this book to middle school and high school students, along with young adults. This book is more geared towards teens and young adults. I feel like they would enjoy it due to the interesting plot. 

Kirsten, 15


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