by James Patterson

Fang coverIn book 6 of the Maximum Ride series, Max and the flock face their biggest challenge yet as Angel, on a CMS mission to Chad, predicts that Fang will be the first to die. Max becomes worried about this prediction especially since she and Fang had just finally started hitting it off. Tensions rise in the group itself as Fang and Max become a couple and the rest of the flock feels left out. They feel especially in danger when they're attacked and neither Max nor Fang are there to save them. And to add more to Max's list of troubles, she now has to deal with another crazy evil scientist, Dr G-H, who wants to use the bird kids as test subjects. What makes this time worse is that Dr. G-H has created a bird kid of his own, Dylan, and Max finds him to be it possible that he's to replace Fang?

I truly did like the idea behind Fang. The story, and the entire series as well, is one that keeps you hooked and interested. There are quite a few twists and turns and you'll always find yourself on the edge of your seat and the balls of your feet as Patterson throws surprise after surprise at you with every new page. The only thing that was a bit troublesome was the writing style. It was a bit too childish at times and seemed to wander from the topic at hand at some parts.

I would recommend this book to all others, especially those of you who love a great adventure. Fang gets you thinking about the possibilities with human genetics, but also brings up the ethical and moral responsibilities behind it all. 

Jana, 17


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