by Rainbow Rowell

Cath and Wren have been attached to the hip from the moment they were brought into the world, until now when Wren decides to go out into the world of college by herself. With Cath alone, she struggles to juggle her favorite hobby of writing 'fanfiction' for her favorite series about the wizard, Simon Snow and her new college work load. Cath has to learn to survive as she struggles to get along with her new roommate and deal with her first love.

I've read the same Young Adult novel about the girl with a troubled past who meets the perfect boy quite a few times now and I was pleased to find something different when I came across this book. Fangirl overall felt like a very fun but real read. You could connect to the characters and the troubles they were going through were quite realistic for a freshman in college. This novel is probably one of my favorites that I've read in a while because of easy it was to connect it to my own life.

I recommend Fangirl to anyone who likes witty humor, realistic characters, and a cute, but not overwhelming, love story. Fangirl is the whole package wrapped up in a novel that isn't like every other one in the Young Adults section.

Karley, 14


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