by M.T. Anderson

This book is about a futurist society where everyone has the internet implanted in their brains, even from a young age. This book follows a boy who has never had to think for himself and now has to learn there is more to this world then he had previously thought.

This book had a very good plot line, how a boy had to learn to think for himself. The writing however left a lot to be desired. The author, seemingly on purpose, uses very low level language, quite a bit of cussing, and slightly improper grammar. She does this because the main character is uneducated, which is very clever, but can be a little bit annoying.

I would not recommend this to someone who does not enjoy cussing or who gets annoyed by little grammar errors. The story line is very interesting though and I would recommend you reading it if you can ignore those other factors.

Mackenzie, 15


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