by Kristin Cashore

Fire coverFire is a human monster--unearthly in her beauty, she charms everyone around her to the point that it's dangerous. Even though she has the ability to control anyone's mind, her life isn't that great, either. With an infamous monster father and relationship troubles between an old friend and a new unlikely one, she struggles to find herself in a time of war and strife.

Fire was pretty good overall. Like Graceling, its companion novel, it is spun in the same world and has an intricate, complex plot. It's a little darker than the first book (though you don't have to read it to understand it) and it does have some inappropriate moments, so beware.

If you like fantasy or if you've read Graceling, you would definitely enjoy this book. Due to the content, I would rate it for 8th graders and up.

Erica, 16


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