by Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner

This book explores unusual topics in a way that is unexpectedly revealing about the nature of society and economics. By analyzing statistics on topics such as schoolteachers cheating on standardized tests and relating that to something completely different, such as sumo wrestlers intentionally throwing matches, the reader learns not only how interesting economics can be, but how oftentimes the world is not as it seems.

I would describe this book as eye-opening. To many people, the word "economics" connotes boredom, but this book may just change your opinion. This unconventional take on economics demonstrates key principles of analysis while tackling serious themes such as human honesty and the effects of poverty.

Even if you are not typically partial to nonfiction, I would recommend this book. It is always good to expose yourself to a variety of genres. Oftentimes, we fall into the pattern of trusting our assumptions and the assumptions of others. This book is an impressive reminder that even when what is typically accepted seems reasonable, it is important that you analyze the facts for yourself. What you find may be surprising.

Julia, 17


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