Geek: A Fantasy Novel

by E. Archer

There is a world where wishes do come true. All you need is a magical fairy godmother, Meet Ralph, your average tech geek. There is nothing special about him, except for one fact: He is forbidden from making a wish. This rule becomes apparent when he meets his Great Aunt Chessie, who happens to be able to grant wishes. Soon Ralph finds himself embarking on all sorts of wish-adventures, all of them dangerous. The question asked though, is if he will survive to tell the tales.


This book had all the great idea in it. The only thing that was lacking was how the story was told. The narration was poor. Although this migh be intentional, it still took away from the overvall effect of the story.


I would recommend this book to those who enjoy fantasy (or those who enjoy exploding dust bunnies).


Hieu, 16




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