Girl with a Pearl Earring

by Tracey Chevalier

Girl with a Pearl Earring coverThe novel ,Girl with a Pearl Earring is actually inspired and was named after a real painting. The novel is based on a servant girl, Griet, who becomes an assistant to a painter, Johannes Vermeer, whom she greatly admires and secretly loves.

Girl with a Pearl Earring is a stellar novel that takes the reader into the world of art and its amazing history. Griet behaves and looks like a shy and modest girl but, when threatened and severely angered, she can become a fierce animal. This novel proves that you should not judge a book by its cover. 

I hghly recommend this book to others because even though you might not be into art history, you will love it after you read this book. The author, Tracey Chevalier, makes art history fun and interesting. So, If you like books that not only contain romance, but are also educational, read this book!

Lauren, 16


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