by Jonathan Swift

Gulliver's TravelsGulliver's Travels is a fantasy book detailing the narration of Lemuel Gulliver. He travels across the sea and discovers interesting and vast countries very different from his own. Gulliver encounters a country where he is a giant, and another featuring a civilization of giants.

The book wasn't that bad. At face level, this story is a fantasy that explores random ideas of a country. There are some parts in the book where the ideas go over one's head, and/or parody something one wouldn't normally know about. One can get the best out of this elderly book once they know the background behind it, but otherwise it's an ok book nonetheless. I recommend this book, not only because it's a classic that everyone has to read, but it's very interesting and has ideas that are uncommon to hear about these days. Like most literary classics, it's a tad difficult to read, but don't let that be an excuse for not reading this classic.

Jakob, 15


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