Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, returns to Hogwarts now known as the Chosen One. Rumors about his adventure to the Ministry of Magic and his second duel with Voldemort fly like wildfire around the Wizarding world, and even darker rumors encircle the acts of the terrible Dark Lord. Nevertheless school goes on, and Albus Dumbledore believe that it is time for Harry to be educated in the mysterious past of Lord Voldemort. But the more they learn, the more questions appear, and as the school drama heightens, things get strange. But Harry is always sure of one thing: One cannot live while the other survives.

I thought this was a really good book (like all the Harry Potter books). The ending is so full of action and emotion, and so many questions get answered while at the same time making more. Questions like 'Why does Harry feel Voldemort's emotions?' This is one of the biggest questions in the entire series, but you have to read all the books to understand, and I love that about it.

I would recommend Harry Potter in general to anyone who likes a very well-put-together story, a series, magic, and incredible action. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is a really good book if you like anything listed above, plus a good mystery coupled with romance and a character that feels real and is someone you can relate to.

Keila, 14


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