Hide and Seek: a Lying Game novel

by Sara Shepard

Hide and SeekHide and Seek is the fourth book in the Lying Game series, and continues to follow Emma Paxton's search for her sister's murderer. Emma continues to impersonate Sutton, her dead twin sister, in the hopes that she will find her killer and be able to return to her normal life. But her search becomes more complicated as Sutton's secret boyfriend arrives. Now Emma needs to lie to the boy who loved her sister.

I really liked this book. It had some really crazy plot twists and major cliff hangers that would not let me put the book down. The characters are really endearing and you find yourself rooting for Emma who desperately wants to find her sister's murderer, and return to being herself.

Yes, I would recommend this book to others but most likely to girls who like a good mystery book. It would be a good read to those who like the Pretty Little Liars series also written by Sara Shepard. Girls would love this book because it has love triangles and really crazy plot twists.

Daisy, 17


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