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History of the Escondido Public Library

1894: The library began serving Escondido since 1894 as a private library located in the small building which now sits in Grape Day Park.

1898: The City of Escondido took over this library's operation, making the library a City-funded department.

1910: With Andrew Carnegie funds and a gift of land, a new library was built on Kalmia and Third Avenue.

1956: Due to limited space to serve a community of over 6,000, a new library building, now the Mathes Center, was constructed on the same spot.

1980: Escondido had grown to 67,000 persons. Through the efforts of its trustees and City officials, revenue-sharing funds were set aside for a new facility. Library operations were moved in December 1980 into the present two-story, 40,000 square foot building.

1996: In June, the 13,000 square foot East Valley Branch was opened in the East Valley Community Center on East Valley Parkway. In December of the same year, the Pioneer Room was opened in the Mathes Center adjacent to the main library, with bequest from local historian Frances Beven Ryan (1901-1990).

2000: With a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Computer Center was incorporated into the Pioneer Room's space.

2010: The 40,000 foot library on Kalmia and Third Avenue was renovated to update air conditioning, elevators, carpeting, and use of space.

2011: The East Valley Branch Library closes June 16 by majority vote of the Escondido City Council. 

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