How We Help

Lack of reading skills prevent adults from getting a job, managing personal finances, helping their children with homework, or even understanding health information. The mission of Literacy Services is to promote reading and writing as a cornerstone of lifelong learning. In support of this mission, the program helps adults build basic literacy skills that will lead to a better quality of life for them and their families.

All Literacy learners have access to the following free services:

Adult Basic EducationGroup Instruction
Based on their goals, learners are placed in small group classes (5-10 people). Learners who need extra help may receive one-on-one instruction. All instructors and tutors are trained and dedicated volunteers.



Book Discussion GroupsBook Discussion 
Students help select interesting and fun books to meet and discuss. Weekly sessions help strengthen reading and comprehension in a safe, informal, small group setting. Book discussion groups meet at the Literacy Learning Center and at the Park Avenue Community Center.



Citizenship ClassesCitizenship Classes
Learners who have the goal of becoming an American citizen can take classes that help them prepare, study, and practice for the citizenship test.




GEDGeneral Education Diploma (GED)
Volunteer tutors work one-on-one with adult learners whose goal is to get a GED. 




Other Services

Learning LabsLearning Labs
All learners are welcome to use the Literacy Learning Center where they will find learning labs equipped with computers and programs to work independently, meet with a tutor, practice new skills, and work toward their goals. Cubicles are also reserved on the second floor of the library for independent study or meeting with tutors.


Families for LiteracyFamilies for Literacy (FFL)
Learners with children 0-5 years old may participate in workshops and hands-on activities that foster a love of reading and promote the home as a literacy-rich environment.



Lifelong LearningTrainings and Workshops
Literacy Services provides on- and off-site workshops and trainings for educators, literacy professionals, tutors, and customized group presentations that offer an understanding of current practices in literacy, library resources, program development and management.



If you have questions about any of these programs or services:

  • Call Literacy Services: 760-839-5440