by Cornelia Funke

This fantastic book is about two people, Meggie and Mortimer. If you think books are cool, just wait till you read this book, and you'll think the thought of reading aloud differently from now on. Mortimer is called a Silver Tongue. One who has super-cool powers to read stuff out from books. Hold on, bare with me, this evil man, Capricorn wants to destroy the book Inkheart(that was the book he was from) so no one could read him back to his past. One man though, Dustfinger, wants to go back into the book to his family, but soon finds out that if one person goes in, another comes out. That is what happened to Mo's wife. He was reading a book to Meggie when she was younger(Inkheart), and he read out these thugs and Capricorn. Soon to realize, his wife was gone.

It was amazing! I could so write more on what happens, but for now, please read this. You'll love it. Anyone could read it. The author also wrote many other good books, and this one is the start of a three-book series. The first is always my favorite. Pretty please read this book and write a review!

EVERYONE should DEFINITELY read this awesome tale!

Priscilla, 12


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