Into the Wild

by Jon Krakauer

Chris McCandless takes a one way trip into the Alaskan wilderness, in which Jon Krakauer documents the journey from when it began to when the untimely death came to be. Krakauer, restates what occurred in Chris's journey, from meeting the people he met during hitchhiking, the various jobs he acquired, and the numerous places he stopped before heading into the wilderness.

Overall, the book was impressive in various ways. The organization in which the book was written is interesting and opening as it develops into further detail. Also, how the author established his credibility by mentioning a similar trip to that of Chris's trip, and how they both had the same desire in life. But most of all, I like how Jon Krakauer defends McCandless on why he did what he did, that it was part of human nature.

If you have a desire for exploration and the wilderness, then this book will sure give you some tips on how to properly do it and what the consequences are, both good and bad. Also, if you are a young adult who has desire to do something desperately, then this book would sure change the mentality and the way of approaching the desire.

Anthony, 16


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