Jade War

by Fonda Lee

Jade war

Jade War continues the story of the Kaul family, the prominent members of the No Peak clan. This time the clan involves in a global war that risk their reputation and political power. While they are dealing with that, the Mountain Clan, No Peak's nemesis, uses the war to their advantage and one-upping No Peak, continuing their long-standing conflict.

I would give this book a 10 out of 5 stars if I could. Jade War is phenomenal. It is far superior than the first book in every aspects. The plot is thickening with all of the political game and back-stabbing shenanigans. The characters are extremely real. They are morally complex and emotionally relatable. You will cry, cheer, and get mad at these fictional people, and that's a win from Fonda Lee. The magic is expanding more this time around, with jade being established as a valuable resources and a major player in the conflict. The theme of family is both heartwarming and tearjerker materials, the loyalty and love between the members are sincere and profound. There are a few nitpicks or mixed aspects, the pacing is a little bit off at the beginning and middle, and Bero's storyline is not going to be liked by everyone, excluding me. But as a whole, this book is a well-done work of art and I love it.

I would recommend Jade War to fans of the first one, because it continues the storylines and the themes steadily with some fresh ideas sprinkled in it. It is one of the great sequels. If you don't like Jade City, I think it is hard for you to like this book, especially if one of your problems is Hilo and his moral.  This is one of my best-reads, and I would love for new readers to discover this series and enjoy it like I did.

Minh, 16


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