by Esther Forbes

Johnny Tremain coverThis book is about a teenage boy named Johnny Tremain who lives in Boston before the American Revolution. He is an apprentice silversmith, and one day he takes an order from John Hancock for a sugar basin he needs in the next week. Johnny takes the order despite his master's decline and Johnny decides to work on it on the Sabbath, a day that no one is supposed to work on. Through all of the hustle and bustle of trying not to get caught, Johnny accidentally spills silver onto his hand. They have to wrap it up and act as if nothing happened and they leave it like that for a couple weeks. When they finally unwrap his hand, they see that the skin on his palm has melded to his thumb, leaving his hand unusable. He ends up having to look for other jobs since he needed two hands to be a silversmith and meets a couple friends and ends up doing some pretty historical things.

I did not like this book, and I thought it was an okay read. The reason for this was because the book never caught my attention. I found it really hard to immerse myself into it.

I do not reccomend this book to others. I had some of my friends try to read it as well and they couldn't find it interesting either. I think that the only kind of people that would find this book interesting would be historical fanatics given the fact that it is based in the pre-Amercain Revolution era and has an appearence of a couple famous historical people.

Kevin, 14


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