Kingdom Hearts

by Shiro Amano

There are lots of comics for Kingdom Hearts. The main character is named Sora. His friends, Kairi and Riku were both kidnapped by a mysterious dark magic guy. There are no curse words, or inappropriate content in these books. This is Sora's coming-to-age story of friendship, OMG-moments and Disney characters!

I really liked these books, and it will leave you thirsting to order the second, third, fourth, and so on. You will meet Maleficent, Pete, Belle, Jasmine, Beast, Goofy, Donald, and new characters who live in Traverse Town, like Leon, Yuffie, and many more. When there is light, like Sora, there is darkness, like the Heartless(lol! It rhymes!)

YES! Totally! Anyone can read it! It's all ages, and anyone who loves Disney characters would enjoy this book with Mickey as king, and Minnie as queen. It isn't babyish, fellow teens, it's manga!

Priscilla, 12


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