by James Patterson & Andrew Gross

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Lifeguard is fantastic mystery novel about a man named Ned Kelly and the woman he falls in love with. Ned Kelly, an average man, finds the girl of his dreams, but there is just one problem; she is rich. So when Ned gets offered $5 million dollars to break into a home, how could he refuse? Everything is going great until Ned realizes he's been setup. People have died, and his world is falling apart. This action packed book is about Ned trying to discover who would have set him up and why.

I really liked Lifeguard, because it is an interesting book and the end was a total surprise. This mysterious book will take you on an roller coaster with each passing chapter, and you will never see the end coming!

If you like action packed books with a pinch of romance, I would recommend Lifeguard. This book will make your jaw drop, and your mind wonder and wonder. 

Sara, 14


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