by Sarah Dressen

Lock and KeyRuby, 17 and abandoned by her mother, is forced to live with her estranged older sister. Ruby is having trouble adjusting to living with her sister, in a mansion, and going to a private school. When she meets Nate, a handsome, popular, sweet, basically her polar opposite, she immediately finds him repulsive. Things change, however, when Ruby learns of Nate's secret.

The book is pretty great. It seems quite realistic therefore many would be able to understand both Ruby and Nate's situations. There are some nifty crossovers from Sarah Dessen's other books that may interest some readers.

I'd recommend this to anyone who wants a solid story. It's enjoyable and hits some heartstrings too. The characters are also very relatable and interesting which will sure draw in some readers.

4 stars

CJ, 17


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