Looking for Alaska

by John Green

Miles Halter is a teenage boy from Florida who decides to spend his junior year of high school at Culver Creek Boarding School in Alabama. He says that he is going to seek the "great perhaps," something more than himself. Everything changes for Miles when he meets Alaska Young, a girl with a troubled past. The book takes Miles and his new friends on an unforgettable journey that teaches them about the greater truths the world holds.

Looking for Alaska is one of the best books I've ever read. It makes you consider how in a flash, your entire life could change. It is extremely inspirational and well written. The characters in the book were so detailed and I almost felt like I knew them.

I would definitely recommend this book to young people, teens especially. I think that teenagers will definitely be able to relate to at least one aspect of the book. If you like stories that are emotional and about life, then Looking for Alaska is something you would enjoy.

Alex, 15


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