Lord of the Flies

by William Golding

Lord of the flies : a novel

The boys are stranded on an island and are unable to get help. As they try to survive in the wilderness, they encountered an obstacle more fierce and dangerous than all of the creatures in the area: the evils of humanity.

I think it was a great book it makes you think how terrible humanity can be when rules do not get enforced. I like how the fear of a great beast turned out to be something they made up in their minds because they don't know what the threat is. Though, all the behaviors displaying savagery in an uncivilized area is not necessarily accurate.

If you are having a great day and you have hope for humanity, then I would recommend you read this book and then reconsider your values of humanity. It is also great if you need to confirm your biases that the world is terrible, then this book is for you.

Anna, 15


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