Lord Sunday

by Garth Nix

Image result for lord sundayLord Sunday is the conclusion to a seven-book series, where Arthur Penhaligon has to save Earth, and the new world he was thrown into. He has defeated most of the people in his way, and Lord Sunday is the last one to remain. He is also the strongest, and Arthur finds him to be the most difficult to defeat. The ending of this book is a major twist from what was expected, and leaves you wondering what happens next.

I liked this book very much, because it was exciting to read, and made you feel like you were actually there. There was also a lot of suspense and surprises throughout, which made it interesting to read.

I would recommend this to others who like to read suspenseful books, and enjoy plot twists near endings. People who like books who leave you thinking would enjoy this as well. The ending is a bit sad, so if sadder endings aren't for you, you might not like this book.

Natalie, 14


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