Mathilda Savitch

by Victor Lodato

Mathilda Savitch coverMathilda Savitch is a story about the troubling time Mathilda goes through after her sister's death. Mathilda sees the world in a different light; she vies for attention, especially her mother's, and the only way to get that attention is by becoming bad. And yet, Mathilda is still trying to find her place in the world; she, like any other teen, is trying to discover who she really is. But she's also going on another quest: to find the guy who pushed her sister in front of the train. As she rummages through her sister's things, she uncovers secrets that her sister has always kept hidden, but that's not the only thing she uncovers: she discovers the truth about herself and the world.

This book was amazing despite some issues with language and a bit of content. The ideas and thoughts explored are ones that plague people today and Lodato does a great job bringing them to the forefront. It really gets you wondering about issues that many times we try to ignore.

I would recommend this book to anyone who find him or herself wondering about the mystery of life. Anyone who likes to wonder and who likes to feel and get his or her heartstrings pulled would love this book, although as a warning there is some very foul language and mature content.

Jana, 16


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