by Robert Pacilio

Image result for Meetings at the Metaphor Cafe book coverMeetings at the Metaphor Cafe is about a book of four unique teenagers who meet at the Metaphor Cafe to discuss the inspiring lessons of their English teacher, Mr. Buscotti (or Mr. B, for short). Mr. B inspires his students in many different ways, from music to dancing.

Meetings at the Metaphor Cafe is among one of the best high school books I have ever read. The story is written in four points of view, from the four main characters, making it easier to understand their personalities and conflicts. Mr. B is an amazing teacher, and the author's writing makes you feel like you're in his class!

EVERY high school student and teacher should read this book! Meetings at the Metaphor Cafe gives you a highly inspirational experience that few other books can replicate!

Jakob, 15


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