Memoirs of a Geisha

by Arthur Golden

Memoirs of a GeishaThe book is about a Japanese girl who is torn away from her family at a young age. She goes to live in a house with three older ladies, another girl her age, and a famous Geisha. The hope is that someday she will become a Geisha as well. With many set backs, she has a difficult journey, only helped by the handsome Chairman.

It was a very good book. It opens up a whole new culture in such a unique way and allows you to form deep connections with the main character as she makes her way through a life mostly forced upon her.

I would most definitely recommend this book to others because it is a great story that incorporates Japanese culture and history. Most likely, you will like this book if you are interested in Japanese culture, geisha, or narratives of the struggles of a young girl.    

Jordan, 17


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