Miss Marple: The Complete Short Stories

by Agatha Christie

Image result for miss marple short storiesIn Miss Marple: The Complete Short Stories, the scatter-brained Miss Marple has yet again solved 13 mysteries that prove her uncanny ability of seeing through lies and seeking the truth!  From a serial wife killer to a fortune teller predicting someone's death, this elderly detective is the only one who can clearly see the person at fault, the motive, and the means of committing the crime.

I find mysteries thrilling, so 13 of these treats in one book was like paradise! I really enjoy Christie's portrayal of Miss Marple as a dear old lady who actually has an acute sense of evil.

For those who like flipping to the end of a mystery book to find the solution, this book is perfect since it only takes 15 pages to find out who the criminal is!  If you enjoy reading mysteries as much as I do, I'm sure these short stories will entertain you for a couple of days!

Julie, 14


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