by Suzanne Collins

Mockingjay coverMockingjay is the last book in the Hunger Games series and picked up right where it left off in Catching FireMockingjay was all about the rebels and how they are trying to take over Panem and rule the country. Katniss has many decisions to make, including whether she wants Gale or Peeta. She is as determined as ever in this book to kill President Snow, but must decide if she likes President Coin!

Overall, Katniss is amazing and so is this book!! Itwas amazing and overall perfect. It was very interesting because it makes you think how nice our civilization really is. It made me think about my little sister and how much I really care about her, just like Katniss does to Prim. The book had the perfect ending!

Yes, I would recommend this series to everyone, whether you are a boy or girl! Mockingjay, by Suzanne Collins, has the perfect combination of romance and fighting and is perfect for anyone!!

Chanel, 13


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