Nineteen eighty-four

by George Orwell

The main character Winston Smith lives in London, Oceania. There is a ruling party known as Big Brother; they watch everyone's actions and they control everything. In this dystopian society, you don't have basic human rights. Winston realized this and started to rebel, first by purchasing a diary on the black market. It was against the law to have freedom of thoughts. People feared what would happen to them if caught, since those that have, disappeared. Throughout the novel, Winston battles against the inhuman society he lives in.

I enjoyed this novel, it was amazing. It deals with a society that is much different than ours. Also, it's quite interesting to witness the extremes one would go to simply enjoy life as a human being.

I would definitely recommend this novel to others. If you like reading how one goes against society's laws to stand up for their beliefs and how twisted a government could be to their people, then this is for you.

Johanna, 16


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