Out of the Easy

by Ruta Sepetys

Out of the EasySet in 1950's New Orleans, Josie Moraine, the bright daughter of a prostitute, wants to escape the Big Apple and reach for an exceptional college. However, a mysterious death involving her mother disrupts her plans. Josie sets off to find the truth, escape New Orleans, and still get accepted to the college of her dreams.

I was hooked with this book from the first few chapters. The vivid characterization makes the wide number of characters alive and believable, and the plot is quite a roller coaster. There's also a lot of research put into the setting of 1950, but not extensively, just subtly. The author's writing style is very simple and her writing doesn't disappoint.

I'd definitely give it a recommendation to mature teens and adults. Those wanting a fantastic romance mystery will get a thrill from Out of the Easy.

Jakob, 15


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