by Lisa See

coverThis novel is beautifully bound by the author who wrote, Shanghai Girls, Lisa See. The story starts with Peony, a fourteen year old girl, who is insecure and desires love from a man. She sees a man behind a curtain and unconditionally falls in love. Peony's love for the volume " Peony in Pavilion", a book written of a woman's passion, enthralls and lives within her. This book however, also takes her life.

I loved this book, because Peony sees how the world lives without her. She learns more of her family secrets in the after world than she would have alive. This novel shows the reader how the heart does go on after death. Peony's problems don't die after her death but live on.

If you loathe books with a tragic ending, I recommend choosing another book. Despite the ending and tragic scenes, this book is filled with romance. Lisa See amazingly weaves romance with tragedy and a bit of horror. I greatly recommend this book to older teens and teens who love a romance  novel with a little something extra.

Lauren, 16


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