Planet of the Apes

by Pierre Boulle

In the not-too-distant future, three astronauts land on what appears to be a planet just like Earth, with lush forests, a temperate climate, and breathable air. But while it appears to be a paradise, nothing is what it seems. They soon discover the terrifying truth: On this world humans are savage beasts, and apes rule as their civilized masters. In an ironic novel of nonstop action and breathless intrigue, one man struggles to unlock the secret of a terrifying civilization, all the while wondering: Will he become the savior of the human race, or the final witness to its damnation?

I love science fiction, so I was drawn to this book when the Rise of the Planet of the Apes came out in theaters. I wanted to see what the original story was since I never saw the original 1968 film.  I love the social commentary Bouelle dishes out and the shocking ending that I never saw coming.

I would definitely recommend this book because it is a short read that opens your mind to crazy possibilities and makes you really think about the future of the human race. It also has plenty of irony like picturing inarticulate humans being subjected to degrading, invasive experiments and chimpanzees ruling the planet with intellectual might.

Rebecca, 17


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