Princess Academy

by Shannon Hale

Princess AcademyIn Princess Academy, Miri, a young, weak Lowlander who so desperately wants to help the rest of town working in the quarry, is chosen to be one of the girls sent to the top of Mount Ekenl. Her job is to attend the Princess Academy, run by the harsh and sometimes cruel Olana, and train in order to compete for the Prince's heart. Throughout her training, Miri makes both friends and enemies and she becomes torn. Where does her heart lie: with the Prince who can offer her and her family a better future or in the village with Peder? Yet, what Miri does not realize is that she and the rest of girls are living on a deserted mountain top where they can easily be taken hostage without anyone realizing. Can Miri prove her strength to everyone and will her Prince save her?

Princess Academy is a beautifully written book filled with both adventure and romance. Miri is a character that all girls can relate to in one way or another, and her story forms a lesson to all: true strength comes from within and true love is stronger than any storm. Hale does an amazing job of portraying a beautiful and unique tale and connecting with the reader.

This book is perfect for all female readers, especially preteens. Every girl who reads this will come away with a very important lesson whether it be about true love, friendship, strength, or family. This story was written to show every girl what it means to be a princess and how every girl is a princess inside.

Jana, 17


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