Queen of Hearts

by Martha Brooks

Queen of Hearts coverSet during World War II, Marie-Claire is horrified to discover that she--and her two siblings--have caught the worst disease of them all: tuberculosis. As she struggles through her ups and downs, she meets a boy who shows her that there is hope.

Here starts your atypical tale of boy meets girl. It was interesting to see a love story enfold in, of all places, a sanatorium between two patients--for this originality, I gave the book three stars but was unable to wholly enjoy it because the main character (Marie-Claire) was, put simply, annoying. Although this just makes her more "normal", many of her actions throughout the book irritated me to no end.

If you like some history or unconventional (and subtle) romance, this book is for you. Anyone above 8th grade should find this an enjoyable read.

Erica, 16


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