Red, White & Royal Blue

by Casey McQuiston

Red, white & royal blue

The son of the president of the United States, and the son of the England Monarch do not see eye to eye. After a mishap with the press, the two families force the two to be best friends to clear the air for the rest of the world. What happens when they don't need to pretend anymore? Will the world approve of their love or will they have to diminish their fiery passion for each other?

I loved this book, the push and pull of these two were absolutely cheesy and kept me reading. This read took me two days to complete on a road trip and I was so disappointed that there was not a sequel to this book :( .I did love the writing and almost anyone could pick this up and have a wonderful time getting to know Prince Henry and Alex.

I would recommend this book! It's a relatively beautiful and fulfilling read. The banter and the chemistry is something to die for! I have re-read this book many times and I have truly come to appreciate it more each time. The book may have some parts in which it can be slow but also contain some scenes with spice so please beware lol. I have given this book to a friend who doesn't favor reading as I do, and she was HOOKED I tell you!!

Jocelyn, 17


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