by Madeleine Roux

Sequel to bestselling photo-illustrated novel Asylum, author Madeline Roux creates a continuation of the original photo-illustrated novel. The book continues where the last book left off as three friends who had met at the Brookline asylum try to move past their trauma, but are still haunted by the past. Dan, Abby, and Jordan must now return to Camford, where Dan realizes darker secrets than he'd imagined.

Sanctum keeps the thrilling writing style of Asylum that makes the novel hard to put down. Readers frequently realize new secrets the characters discover making it difficult to want to stop reading. The story also has just the right suspenseful tone so it can be creepy even when reading in light of daytime.

I would recommend this book, particularly to people who enjoy mystery, horror, suspense, and psychological. It may be too dark for some and should not be read by the easily frightened, but it does also have its more lighthearted moments such as those revolving around the friendships of the main characters. This book is for people looking for a thrilling, suspenseful read.

Hayley, 17


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