Seeds of Rebellion

by Brandon Mull

This book is about Jason Walker, a boy on earth who needs to find a way back into the kingdom of Lyrian. He needs to go back, and deliver important news about the quest to defeat the wicked emperor. Meanwhile, Rachel is discovering her unique powers in magic, and is working on learning as much as she can. When they reunite, a new quest begins, and they must use all their skill to succeed.

I liked this book because it was full of suspense and mystery, which kept you guessing until the very end. The book was filled with action, and made it interesting to read, with very few lapses in eventfulness. The plot twists in the book made it unpredictable and never boring.

I would recommend this book to people who enjoy action filled books or fantasy books. The book is also good for people who enjoy suspense and plot twists, but if cliffhangers and suspense aren't for you, then this isn't for you.

Natalie, 15


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