Shanghai Girls

by Lisa See

coverShanghai Girls is an amazing book that tells of a life of two Chinese sisters, both of whom have endured many hardships. Pearl, the main character, is completely different from her sister, May. They may envy each other, but in the end they know they are all each other has left.

This novel contains many twists and incredible irony. You will not be bored reading this book! The novel starts as a happy setting but with each chapter comes a new problem and a new gruesome secret they must never tell. This novel is amazing in every way possible. Lisa See, the author, is known for writing about women joining together to endure life's obstacles. Pearl and May are different, but they complete one another's lives. In every tragedy and dramatic scene, they have each other. This book will bring you and your family closer and build a special bond. Something I found extremely interesting were the Chinese animals. When I was reading, I found out my animal, and I was amazed how the book exactly told my characteristics. 

I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning about how Chinese culture differs from your culture. So, If you like adventure and romance novels, you will enjoy this book!

Lauren, 16


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