by Peach-Pit

Image result for Shugo-Chara! volume 1 englishAmu is a girl who is slightly awkward with an automatically hostile personality, as well as a giant crush on the school's prince, Tadase. One night, she wishes to be reborn as her would-be self and awakens to three eggs on her bed. They hatch to reveal her Guardian Characters, who help her to become her ideal personality and push her into Tadase's world.

I read this series a while ago when I was still in middle school. Back then, I liked the series a lot. It was peppy, optimistic, and was encouraging and uplifting for younger kids. Now, as a high schooler, I find the series elementary and the protagonist annoying.

Girls just starting out in manga, or girls in middle school would enjoy it. If you're looking for a more mature plotline with more substance, look elsewhere.

Erica, 16


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