Silverfin: A James Bond Adventure

by Charlie Higson

Silverfin coverIn Silverfin, a young boy arrives at Eton Academy, a private school for young boys. His name is Bond, James Bond, and this is his beginning. While at the school, he makes friends as well as some enemies, including the Helleborne family. This would seem to be a normal school issue; after all, everyone makes friends and a few enemies in life, but Bond chose the wrong people to anger. James thinks nothing of the Hellbornes' until he goes on vacation in Scotland, where his aunt and grandpa live. He hears of the odd disappearance of Alfie, a small local boy. And then he finds out that the Hellbornes themselves own a top secret area surrounding a giant lake in Scotland. The name of the Hellborne's land? Silverfin...named after the legend of the giant powerful eel that inhabits the lake. Then James learns that Alfie loved to go fishing and what better place to fish than Lake Silverfin? Bonds knows something is going on in Silverfin and he knows that Mr. Hellborne is at the bottom of it. He has made it his mission to find out what it is, even if it costs him his life.

Silverfin is an amazing, gripping page turner. As you learn more about the mysterious enigma famously known as Agent Bond, the world's greatest agent, you find yourself quickly dragged into the action and fast-pace of the story. Higson does a great job creating a young James Bond that lives up to the well-known agent and makes you want to learn more about the great agent.

This is a book that I would definitely recommend to all others, especially if you're a fan of the great James Bond. Even if you've been interested in Bond's life and missions, this book is still a great action and adventure that leaves you wondering till the very end and it may very well be the book that gets you interested in the great James Bond.

Jana, 16


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