Sir Thursday

by Garth Nix

Image result for sir tuesday garth nixSir Thursday is about a boy, Arthur Penhaligon, who is on a quest to save the world as he knows it. He has to venture into a different dimension (known as the "House") in order to protect his family and the earth, with the help of his new found friends, and find Keys that are the "key" to saving the universe. He has since been drafted into an otherworldly army, and must learn how to survive on his own.

Sir Thurday was an interesting book to read, because it was full of suspense, and kept you guessing throughout the story. I liked how the chapters were all told in third person, but from different vantage points throughout. The main character was also easy to sympathize with, as he started out as a normal person, like ourselves, but changes as the story continues.

I would recommend this book to people who like to read stories with a bit of mystery to them, and when everything isn't revealed to you right away. The books would also be good for anyone who likes suspenseful plots, and an action filled story line. The change in perspectives could be confusing to some people, so if you don't like the shifts, it might not be a good book for you.

Natalie, 14


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