Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

by Lisa See

Snow Flower coverThis book takes place in China in the 19th century.  A girl, Lily, is force to have her feet bound after seeing her younger sister die of foot-binding. Lily is then introduced to her matchmaker who tells her of her Laotong, or long life friend. Lily and Snow Flower come from two completely different worlds yet still hold a strong bond.

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan is an incredible book that has a fairy tale in real life. However, in this book, Lily and Snow Flower must endure many obstacles before they find their true happy ending. Nevertheless, Not everybody or book has a happy ending
and life has many twists. 

I greatly recommend this book to people who like sharp twists in books and shocking endings. This book does contain intense scenes and may not be suitable for young teens. This book is a must- read from Lisa See. If you are interested in China's history or even if you aren't, you will be after you read Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.

Lauren, 16


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