Son of Neptune

by Rick Riordan

Son of NeptunePercy Jackson lost his memory. He finds a Roman camp (Camp Jupiter) in San Francisco and soon embarks on a quest with his new friends Hazel and Frank to save Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood and release the god of death (the actual god of death. Read: Not Hades) Tatanus . Otherwise Gaea will awaken and destroy civilization. Yeah, just another normal day for a demi-god. He meets some allies along the way and soon faces the boss giant that he needs to defeat: the giant that's supposedly the bane of Hades, the one and only Alcyoneus. Call him Al or Golden Boy. Will he prevail or fail?

Yes, I love myths and Percy Jackson stuff so this was a big hurrah for me. Percy Jackson fans can now celebrate cause Percy is BACK!!

Hieu, 13


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