by Laurie Halse Anderson

SpeakMelinda Sordino's freshmen year stages her as an outcast, friendless girl. Her action of calling the police at an end-of-summer party has left her speechless and unwilling to participate in activities. However, through Merlinda's art class, she gradually reveals that a senior abused her during the party, and that senior is still in school...

Speak is a fantastically strong book for multiple reasons. The author did an amazing job describing the surroundings through Merlinda's narration- it made me feel that I was actually with her. Melinda is a girl that is easy to relate to, and the topic is presented in a very smooth manner- not too dark, not too light.

If anyone wants a relatively short read with a big message, Speak is the one to consider. Personally though, I believe this is a book that all teens should read.

Jakob, 15


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