Star Sand

by Roger Pulvers

Hiromi, a sixteen-year-old Japanese American girl, lives on a small Japanese island during World War II. Hiromi, not knowing which side of the war to be on, finds a cave that conceals an American and a Japanese soldier who have both fled from the war. Neither able to communicate with one another, Hiromi decides to be their translator while also providing them with food. Hiromi wrote her story in her diary, which is later found in the twenty-first century. Not knowing what happened to the three, one college student travels to the island to answer the mystery of what happened to Hiromi.

Star Sand is an amazing book that shows humans as kind and loving individuals who look past the race of a person and see the good inside one another. It also has an air of mystery to it.

I would strongly recommend this book to those who like to read historical fiction and mysteries. This book will keep you sitting on the end of your seat.

Emily, 15


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