by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl is about a boy named Leo Borlock who falls in love with a girl who calls herself "Stargirl." She becomes popular at her new school because of her unique character. Then, everyone at her school starts hating her... for being different. Despite having loved her for being who she was, he begs Stargirl to become "normal" and to fit in like the rest of the crowd so that she is liked by her peers again.

My favorite thing about this book was that it highlighted different problems that teenagers face in their schools. Jerry Spinelli used Leo's character to depict the average student who is always worried about other people's opinions and thoughts to actually think about the greater things in life. Leo doesn't do anything he thinks that his peers will disapprove and seeing the girl he likes getting tormented for being different breaks him. He wants to fix that but his solution is to change Stargirl into something she's not. It's a story of peer pressure and bullying, but it's also a story that encourages the youth to embrace their individuality and quirkiness. 

I would recommend this book to people who may feel like their quirkiness is a bad thing. I think that everyone is unique and that fitting in with the crowd isn't necessarily a good thing. I really liked the message that Spinelli was trying to send and I think a lot of young readers will enjoy it. 

Heejeong, 18


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